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Process Innovation - Together, the impossible becomes reality!


Why innovate processes?

 - Execute processes faster, reduce errors, and optimize resources

 - Perform faster financial closing with reduced manual efforts & better quality

 - Increase customer satisfaction and higher throughput

 - Automate manual operational tasks with improved monitoring & visibility

Areas of Expertise



  • Contract creation and change

  • Contracts with errors or conflicts in the processor

  • Archive Contracts

  • Performance obligation (POB) setup and changes

  • Link POBs

  • Capture or change transaction prices

  • Allocate transaction price among POBs or exclude POBs

  • Update SSP price and tolerances

  • Shift contract periods

  • Fulfillment errors or conflicts in the processor

  • Qualitative exception checks

Fixed/Leased Assets


  • Create fixed asset master data

  • Capitalization and Settlement of costs from project to asset

  • Asset retirement and dispositions

  • Cost center transfer automation

  • Physical asset inventories

  • Automating US IRS forms 4562 and 4797 preparation

  • Change depreciation keys and/or useful life

  • Lease Contract classification, creation and change

  • Create initial and subsequent accounting entries

  • Lease reassessments

  • Lease error corrections

  • Qualitative exception checks

Project Accounting


  • Automate creating, planning, budgeting, and committing projects

  • Integrate expense-related allocations to cost centers

  • Automate project completion and in-service date

  • Prepare and update multiple plan and estimate-to-complete versions

  • Integrate depreciation simulation with cost center budgeting

  • Qualitative exception checks

Process Innovation Example - Project closing & capitalizing assets or recognizing revenue!

Purpose: Automate project closing & capitalizing assets or recognizing revenue.


Goal: Create innovative processes for project closures, asset capitalization, and revenue recognition.


Target Audience: Project Accountants; Revenue Accountants, Finance Managers; Project Managers; Tax Accountants



- The timely closing of projects, the capitalization of assets, and recognition of revenue influences many, many downstream processes

- Today, most companies have automated only a portion of the whole process (mainly periodic settlement and/or creation of AuC or final assets).

- Failure to timely close impacts cost center depreciation and expense forecasts, tax depreciation accruals, and revenue name a few.

- The financial bottom line and back-office efficiency of every project-intensive company is impacted negatively.


Why is this process difficult?

- Projects are often delayed and not placed in-service when planned due to a variety of reasons...but this is not the process we want to focus on!

- Communicating when a project really is closed and in-service is the most inefficient process today.


Let the discussion begin!

- Our process focus will be on piercing reality with appropriate digitized tool(s), and transforming reality into actual project closure, asset creation, and revenue recognition.

Q: What should the standard, most efficient process look like?

Q: Is anyone using satellites, tracking or listening devices, internet-connected cameras, social media, drones, or other devices to identify 'reality'?

Q: What project WBS best supports the reality of automation?


Call to Action:

- E-mail to indicate your interest, resources, and expectations

- Or, call 713-467-8374 and speak with Kent



- We will share with interested companies, SAP, ASUG and others as appropriate.

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